Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spring Date~ 24 September

It was a sunny day today so we decided to check out Hagley Park and see the blooming dafodils. Spring has to be my favourite time of the year in Christchurch :3

Healing Dermals~
Healing Labret~
Peace Bell 
How do you shot Sun Dial?
Love my Iron Fist Wallet~
Frittata and Chai Latte. Nommy~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Piercing Party - 10 September

So Matt, Mikari, Jessie and myself decided to go get piercings done, Jessie didn't land up getting anything so she could save up for a tattoo shes been planning on. Matt got his lobes pierced and a labret, I got two tear dermals and Mikari got a helix on her right ear since she's not a fan of symmetry... but then again, who is...

And special thanks to the guys at Absolution for making out experience very enjoyable. They are very professional and friendly folk and I reccommend them to anyone~

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