Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vegas baby!~ 25 July 30 July

Vegas Taxi :3
Meh... Don't like wild animals in enclosures...
Sweet shop that specialises in lingerie?
The Bellagio Hotel

You can buy a first edition bible as well for USD $45,000...

San Diego Comic Con 2011~ July 22 July 24

Photos from San Diego Comic Con 2011 :D

Professor Genki
Hohoho >:3
Yay Alice Cosplay <3!~
Nei Ruffino's work was everywhere!
Kekai Kotaki signing Matt's Guild War 2 postcards
Adam Hughes
Adrianne Curry the winner of the first America's Next Top Model
Awh <3~
The Udon Crew Stand
Baroness cosplay for Paul haha.
Body sized pillow covers hurhur~
I got a hard-cover Alice In Wonderland: Madness returns Art Book <3~
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