Saturday, July 9, 2011

Birthday bash!~ 9 July

So my birthday was on Saturday the 9th of July and I decided to have a dinner party at Choi's Korean BBQ and Bar. I was a bit worried because we had around 30 guests and I didn't know how the restaurant would handle it, but they were incredibly generous and made the whole dinner so pleasurable~ I first had a small cake and tea gathering with Matt, my parents and god parents. After the BBQ dinner we went to an upmarket bar for a few drinks and then moved to a karaoke club till the wee hours in the morning. It was absolutely amazing and I had a fantastic time~ Thanks to everyone who made it extra-special <3

My giant ginger bread cookie <3~

Gluten-free Chocolate Truffle cake <3~
Hmm just like home!~
My mum and dad :3
Bruce, the owner played me "Happy Birthday" with his violin <3 Awww!~
Purple is a sexy sexy colour~
Karaoke time!~
Jojo showed us how it was done~ :3

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