Saturday, July 9, 2011

Birthday bash!~ 9 July

So my birthday was on Saturday the 9th of July and I decided to have a dinner party at Choi's Korean BBQ and Bar. I was a bit worried because we had around 30 guests and I didn't know how the restaurant would handle it, but they were incredibly generous and made the whole dinner so pleasurable~ I first had a small cake and tea gathering with Matt, my parents and god parents. After the BBQ dinner we went to an upmarket bar for a few drinks and then moved to a karaoke club till the wee hours in the morning. It was absolutely amazing and I had a fantastic time~ Thanks to everyone who made it extra-special <3

My giant ginger bread cookie <3~

Gluten-free Chocolate Truffle cake <3~
Hmm just like home!~
My mum and dad :3
Bruce, the owner played me "Happy Birthday" with his violin <3 Awww!~
Purple is a sexy sexy colour~
Karaoke time!~
Jojo showed us how it was done~ :3

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Armageddon - 2 July 2011

Today I went to Armageddon dressed as Bridget from Guilty Gear XX with my awesome friends! Sadly some of the regular cosplayers couldn't get their outfits done in time due to having no access to supplies (Thanks Canturbury Quakes~). Luckily I got my materials for my dress and habit before hand, but not for the cuff and yoyo T_T Because of this I don't consider this a complete cosplay, but I will do a proper photoshoot when it is!~

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