Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Town House snaps. Finally!

So finally I've had a reasonably quiet weekend in months! Matt has gone to Auckland to organise the epic trip to America while I stayed at home to finish some cosplay details off (and finally take some pics for our friends and family abroad to see our first place together <3~)

Outside: garage, front door and balcony
Downstairs: 2 bedrooms, bathroom and door to garage
Our bedroom with sliding doors to outside~
Bottom floor bathroom
Upstairs lounge/kitchen/second bathroom
Campbell's Domo, rescued from the Feb Quake :3
Awesome sky window!
Awesome kitchen with amazing stove and Oven <3~
Leading into second bathroom
This thing follows me everywhere

Double Dating with Misa and Brad - 25 June

After going to Buddha Stix for the first time for our anniversary I couldn't stop craving it. We decided to go again the following weekend but this time we asked Misa and her boyfriend Brad to do a double date with us! It was so great catching up and having a relaxed evening. The perfect way to wind down after a full on day of cosplay preparations, my cosplay being due for Amrageddon 2-3 July! Oh and my birthday is soon! Wow time flies! 9_6

Hmm Seafood Tom-Yum!~
Choco Brownies with Icecream
So glad to have Misa back safely after the Japan quake! I missed her terribly <3~

Mini-golf, Red Dead Redemption styles - 24 April

Western themed mini-golf topped off with a great night out and BBQ with the mates! Mmmmmm~

Monday, June 20, 2011

Our 2nd Year Anniversary

What an amazing weekend!~ We celebrated our 2nd anniversary on the 18th of June. I went for a facial and massage early in the day as Matto plotted away at his surprise date. Afterwards he took me to a Thai restaurant called Buddha Stix. The food was amazing! Not to mention the set up was extremely classy. Love you matto! <3~
Thai Spring rolls for starters
Matto's Massaman Curry
Tom Yum Mussels and Sweet chilli cashew sauce~
He got me an amethyst ring! <3

Wine and Dine~

Random yumyums from the past few months, I baked a tonne and made many unusual meals, sadly I forgot to take photos but here's a few anyway:

Kimchi chicken stir-fry with Bulgogi and sides~ 
Korean Grape juice with actual grapes. Weird but so yummy!!
Before: My Chicken and Broccoli/Cauliflower Pie.
After: Baked to perfection yumyum!~
I made some flan from scratch, my first attempt 

Return to Willowbank

So long time no post, but life has been the busiest of busy these past few months and I'm trying my darnest to get this blog back to being regular. Here's some old photos of our trip to Willowbank!

Silly cat and his duck plushie playing fetch in the garden~
Feeding Eels!~
Me hugging ridiculously tiny horses. I do have a girly side after all.
My new fish-babies Nigiri and Sashimi~
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