Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bubblecup, we love you!

One of our favourite things to do when waiting for a bus ride to my house on Saturdays is chilling out and getting Bubblecup. We love it so much we sometimes get one when I visit Matt before I go to class. We both adore the chocolate flavour but we are opposed in our bubble preference. Matt loves the Bubbles which are tapioca balls soaked in grape juice, while I love the pineapple flavoured jelly blocks (or stars) - he hates them! I'm glad there's something we're divided about hehe. But seriously, if you have a Bubblecup near you - try it out! (Particularly the chocolate flavour...)

I went out yesterday with the VCNZ people, we handed out flyers and stuck up some posters. We also went to BurgerKing and got stuck in the arcade most of the time playing DDR and getting Pirikuras done. Matt saw me in the arcade on the way to his bus so he stopped by to give me some love. Aww! ♥~

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